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DFER Washington Staff & Board of Advisors

DFER Washington Staff:

Lisa Macfarlane, DFER Washington State Director





Since January 2012, Lisa Macfarlane has led Washington State's DFER chapter. Lisa comes with a wealth of policy and political expertise and a track record of building successful organizations. She co-founded the League of Education Voters and LEV Foundation, two highly respected and influential education advocacy organizations in Washington State.

Lisa has spent the last 16 years fighting for the resources and the reforms that Washington's schools need. She has walked the talk on both school funding and school reform. She sponsored two statewide education funding ballot initiatives and she is former President of Schools First, Seattle's on-going levy and bond campaign committee.

Before finding her calling in the politics of school reform, she worked in the juvenile justice system for 15 years. She began as a VISTA volunteer in a maximum-security juvenile correctional facility in Columbia, S.C. and worked as a public defender in juvenile court in Seattle. In between, she staffed wagon trains and wilderness camps for court referred youth.

Lisa has received numerous awards including: Citizen of the Year (Municipal League, 2008), Friend of Children (Washington State PTA, 2007), Friend of Public Education (Washington Education Association, 2002).

She explains her decision to join DFER by saying, "Partisan problems need partisan solutions. It is painfully clear that Washington State needs a more productive dialogue about education issues within the Democratic Party."

Tania de Sá Campos, DFER WA Deputy State Director

Tania de Sá Campos joined DFER Washington (DFER-WA) in April, 2013 as Deputy State Director. In her role, Tania engages with a growing constituency of active, reform-minded Democrats and works with partners and allies to position Washington state as a leader in the next evolution of the movement to give every child a great education.

Prior to joining DFER, she was Chief of Staff at the League of Education Voters and spent eleven years in international software marketing. Tania has a degree in Comparative Literature from the University of California at Davis.

She is on the executive board of Schools First, a grassroots, citizen-based organization founded in 1995 that works to help pass Seattle School levies. She also sponsored the successful 2012 public charter school initiative. The parent of two young boys, Tania spends much of her free time helping coordinate PTA volunteers, schlepping snacks to soccer games, and surreptitiously playing Words with Friends while watching swim classes.

DFER Washington Advisory Committee:

Christopher Eide - Founder Teachers United Education
Erin Kahn - Community Leader
Robin Lake - Director of Center on Reinventing Public Education
Steve Sundquist - Former Seattle School Board Member
Megan Wyatt - Community Leader