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Teacher Inequity in the Empire State

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Created by DFER's Communications Coordinator and Web Editor, Stephanie Doctrow

From DFER's Blog Series: Infographic Tuesdays

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DFER News Roundup

DFER News Roundup

By Stephanie Doctrow, Communications Coordinator and Web Editor and Bianca Dorsey, Communications Project Coordinator

DFER Seen & Heard: 

  • Policy Director Charles Barone commented on the education policy stakes of the 2014 midterms to EdWeek’s Alyson Klein. 
  • “Leadership, Political Winds Buffett Education Advocacy Groups,” EdWeek’s Andrew Ujifusa reported.
  • “If students aren’t learning, it is within the teacher’s and the school’s power… to adapt teaching methods and attitudes to better meet students' needs,” DFER-MI’s Harrison Blackmond wrote in the Detroit News.

Advocacy, Policy Briefs & Such:

  • Statement | DFER-NY Releases Statement on Astorino’s Education Plan.

DFER Blog:

  • “While entirely predictable, the fact that politics continues to be the overriding force in the rollout of Mayor de Blasio’s pre-K initiative is nonetheless disheartening,” Barone writes
  • Communications Intern Bianca Dorsey shares her experience with City Year Cleveland through her “Hero’s Journey.”

In Related News:

  • “California Governor Appeals Court Ruling Overturning Protections for Teachers,” writes the New York Times’ Adam Nagourney.
  • In Politico, Caitlin Emma focuses on the complexity of rating teachers.
  • Rebecca Klein of the Huffington Post points out that “not a single state has equally diverse populations of teachers and students.”
  • NPR Education’s Anya Kamentez writes about the strengths and challenges of the first all-charter-school district in New Orleans.
  • Check out EducationPost, a new nonprofit organization dedicated to building support for student-focused improvements in public education.
  • Conor P. Williams shares “What Charter Schools Are Getting Right and Why They Top Our High School Ratings" (Daily Beast).  

Fun With Infographics & More:


New York City Pre-K Implementation Child Negligence

By Charles Barone, Policy Director

While entirely predictable, the fact that politics continues to be the overriding force in the rollout of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s pre-K initiative is nonetheless disheartening. We've repeatedly expressed concerns that de Blasio's rush to fill as many pre-K seats as possible this fall - a rush that, make no mistake, is driven in no small part by a goal of maximizing the number of new dues-paying UFT members as soon as possible without regard to the impact on kids - would compromise quality and endanger children. As it turns out, our fears were well founded.

If you were, like many, off the grid at the end of August, you may have missed that the city’s comptroller Scott M. Stringer went public about the de Blasio administration’s failure to properly oversee contracts with pre-K providers.


DFER-NY Releases Statement on Astorino's Education Plan

DFER-NY Releases Statement on Astorino's Education Plan

Craig Johnson, Democrats for Education Reform NY Board Chair, issued the following statement on NY gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino's education plan:

"Rob Astorino's education plan reads like it had been gathering dust in a cave someplace for several years. Rather than dealing with accountability and standards in smart ways, Astorino's plan would take New York back to the days when mediocrity was celebrated, taxpayers were frustrated, and students were not being prepared for the rapidly changing world."



My Hero's Journey

By Bianca Dorsey, Communications Intern

During one of my weekly training sessions at City Year Cleveland, I was introduced to “The Hero’s Journey,” what some anthropologists consider to be a universal pattern existing in narratives throughout history. On this journey, a character is presented with an unfamiliar circumstance, and by either persevering or being defeated, the character is transformed.

The Hero’s Journey parallels my experience with City Year.

For 10 months, I had the privilege of working with 35 amazing ninth grade students, passionate educators, and hard-working corps members.


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