Who’s Been Courting You on Common Core?

State Sen. Scott Schneider of Indiana

Who’s been courting you?

  • Scott Schneider, Republican Co-Sponsor of the Bill to Pull Indiana from Common Core

What does he think about Common Core?

  • “Common Core threatens our high standards and our ability to determine as a state what our students need to learn to be prepared for a successful future.” (See here.) 

What else does Scott Schneider think?

  • Schneider sponsored SB0230, a bill that would make enforcement of the Affordable Care Act a Class D felony. (See here.)
  • Schneider would have public schools teach creationism but, as he said, “we find the sort of anti-religious folks getting into a fervor about that.” (See here.)
  • He has come out strongly against a woman’s right to choose and successfully blocked Planned Parenthood from receiving state funds. “If Planned Parenthood wants to receive taxpayer money, they can simply stop practicing abortion.” (See here.) 

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