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True or False?: Doogie Howser Is The Best Argument Against LIFO Ever

By Joe Williams

Last week, Paul Bruno took exception with Chad Aldeman's argument that since seniority-based layoffs would be a stupid way to run a baseball frachise it should be a bad idea for schools to do the same thing. 

Paul notes that he likes analogies and is skeptical of LIFO (Last In, First Out) policies. So help a brother out: what is a better analogy here? There have to be some out there.

How about if Eastman Medical Center in Los Angeles had to cut the budget and slipped a pink slip into the mailbox of one, Dr. Douglas "Doogie" Howser, MD. Yeah, the 16-year-old probably had the least seniority in the joint but come on, folks. Doogie was one of the best doctors. Ever. (Even better than Trapper John MD in my list of top 100 television doctors.)

Is picking on little Doogie really a smart way to operate if you care about saving the lives of television actor/patients?