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Happy 5th Birthday DFER

Dear Friend of DFER:

Five years ago today a bunch of us set out to try to change our party. We wanted to put an end to the days when the Democratic Party was the place where good education reform ideas went to die. We were frustrated but hopeful, despite the long list of skeptics who warned us we were wasting our time. Along the way, many of you like-minded activists - already working to improve education in your communities - joined forces with us and a political movement was born.

Working together, we’ve shown that pragmatic activism for a better public education system could be a natural part of the party’s platform, and that when it comes to offering smart solutions, it helps to at least admit that there is a problem.

Working with DFER activists from coast to coast, in a very short period of time we have helped direct more than $31 million to political activism for better schools and we’ve changed the political conversation surrounding education reform.

It can be daunting to think of how much more work remains, but it is also astonishing to look back and see just how much we have accomplished together. We have some significant battles in the weeks and months ahead - including the re-election of our nation’s education reformer in chief, President Barack Obama.

We have to keep moving, and we need your help.

Raising political dollars can be a slog - believe us. But we believe the impact that relatively small investments in political advocacy can produce is now beyond obvious. Please consider making a contribution today to celebrate five years of incredible progress bolstering Democrats who support K-12 education reform, and to continue the momentum for our next five years. (And as a special incentive, anyone who contributes $2,500 or more this week will receive VIP credentials for our anniversary events at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.)

We thank you for all that you have done to make this work so productive. Otto von Bismarck once noted that politics is the art of the possible. You took an idea that people thought was nuts and collectively helped make it possible for Democrats to lead on education reform.

As we celebrate five years of often difficult work, we are humbled and appreciative to be on the same team as so many reformers and partner organizations nationwide.



Top 5 Ways You Can HELP

  1. Sign our Statement of Principles, and help send a message that education reform is a priority for Democrats across the nation.
  2. Contribute to DFER’s political action committee. Help us show policymakers and politicians that we’re serious about seeing reform through to the end, and that we’re looking for pragmatic partners.
  3. Agree to support our monthly “Education Reformers of the Month" each and every month. Whether you can give $1000 per month, or $10 per month, your participation matters and is highly valuable as we start to show there really is a “movement” behind reform.
  4. Tell a friend about DFER. There’s still plenty of great people out there who are unfamiliar with what we’re trying to accomplish.
  5. Make it clear to every politician you meet that reforming public education is your top issue.