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Ted Cruz: And Liberty for Some

Of course Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) chooses Liberty University as the setting to announce he'll be running for President.  Liberty University is one of the worst colleges in the country for poor and minority students.  High price, high debt, and deplorable black student completion rates as compared to peer institutions serving similar students.

High Price & High Debt

Deplorable Black Graduation Rates Among VA Colleges

Low Graduation Rates for Minority Students As Compared to Peers

 To view the data up close, click here.

ESEA Infographic Brief #5 - Public Opinion on Student Testing

Did you know that 75% of parents say that standardized tests are a solid measure of their children's abilities? That and much more in our ESEA Infographic #5.
ESEA Infographic Brief#5.pdf


A dangerous raid on NC student aid



Thousands of North Carolina families may be in for a rude surprise as financial aid award letters start arriving this month. If colleges don’t change their overall budgeting practices, financial aid won’t go as far this year as last.


ESEA Infographic Brief #4 - Accountability

Reporting student performance outcomes provides information helpful to parents. But using those outcomes to trigger concrete action is what drives real change.

ESEA Infographic Brief #4 - Accountability


The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations Has No Place in K-12 or Higher Education (Part 2)

By Mary Nguyen Barry, Policy Analyst
     Michael Dannenberg, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Policy


We've been hard in our opposition to recommendations by organizations calling on the Department of Education (ED) to adjust the results of their planned college ratings system based on immutable student characteristics. So called "risk adjustment" proposals effectively suggest there be different expectations for different groups of students based on demographics alone. 


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