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10 Must-Reads On Glenda Ritz, Indiana’s New State Superintendent

By Kyle Stokes

(From StateImpact, January 14th 2013)

Once a teacher and school librarian, once a local union leader, once a longshot candidate for Indiana’s highest elected education post, Glenda Ritz gets a new title today:

Superintendent of Public Instruction.

To mark her first day on the job as state superintendent — the first day an Indiana Democrat has held the post since the early 1970s — here are 10 must-read StateImpact posts on what lies ahead for Ritz in her new job.

  • What Glenda Ritz’s Victory Over Tony Bennett Means For Indiana Schools “I think I’m a respected educator among legislators,” Ritz told StateImpact on Election Night. “Remember, the last four years, they’ve seen me. They’ve heard from me.”
  • Why This Year’s Election Means A Little More For Indiana’s Teachers Unions “When the union is outright supporting candidates that are clearly a slap at us as reformers and doing a lot of messaging that’s anti-reform, that’s not constructive,” Larry Grau, president of Indiana Democrats for Education Reform said in September. “That’s being completely resistant, and that’s not helpful.”

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