DFER News Roundup

By Devin Boyle, Director of Communications

DFER Seen & Heard:

• Ed Reform Coalition (DFER included) Urges Congress to Support Key Programs in FY 2013 Budget & Appropriations Process (Read more here)

• On investing money into competitive grants in the FY13 budget, DFER's Charles Barone says, "In my book, the competitive grant programs are the spinach [pure nutrition]" (Education Week)

• Larry Grau, DFER IN State Director pens, "The way to reshape IPS: at the ballot box in November," in the Indianapolis Star

• Failed legislation to revoke mayoral control of NYC schools was deemed "an anarchist's dream," by DFER Executive Director, Joe Williams in the NY Post


From DFER's Blog:

• Ideology Trumps Opportunity in WA, says DFER WA State Director, Lisa Macfarlane (DFER's Blog)

• "Continuing Woes in Buffalo," by Elizabeth Ling, DFER NY State Director (DFER's Blog)

• The fight over extending the school day in Chicago rages on and DFER IL State Director gives her take in her post, "And in this corner..." (DFER's Blog)


In Related News:

• Finally: Hawaii's Board of Education has approved a teacher evaluation plan. Maybe the State's Race to the Top Funding is saved after all? (Education Week)

• The debate surrounding education reform can be vitriolic. Read "Only a Sith Deals in Absolutes," by Robin Lake, Director of the Center on Reinventing Public Education at the University of Washington (Education Week)

• The focus moves from the primary to the general election, which means "Romney's Etch A Sketch Campaign Begins" (New York Magazine)


Videos Worth Watching:

• In Indiana, State awards grant money for teacher evaluation and excellence and DFER's own Larry Grau gets a shoutout from IN State School Superintendent for his role in the effort (WIBC)

• Former New York City Chancellor Joel I. Klein and former Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings discuss the findings and recommendations of the CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force report on U.S. Education Reform and National Security (Watch it here)


A Little Something Extra - Fun with Infographics:

• Extending the Reach of Excellent Teachers by Public Impact


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